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  1. Mandy griffiths says:

    Like to leave a message about Kate.

    I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and had a mascetomy. The healing was ultra quick post op which I credit to the changes kate supported me through.

    Kate is always friendly, warm and packed with knowledge it’s a pleasure to know her.

    The support, help and nutritional benefits have been second to none x

  2. emma Bailey says:

    As a self-employed Energy Therapist and Trainer, as well as a Mum, my health is of key importance to my earning a living and looking after my family. I just haven’t got time to be unwell or lacking in energy.
    Consequently, I have found Kate’s nutritional programme play a key part in keeping me in good health.
    Kate is not only highly knowledgeable and passionate about health and well-being, but she is also one of those people who truly walks her talk.
    Not only do my family and I follow Kate’s program, but I also recommend her ‘Optimum Health Plan’ to my client’s too. If you are looking to optimize your health, to feel full of energy and start the new year feeling fabulous, then I would highly recommend Kate’s services.

  3. Sarah Murphy says:

    I can not recommend Kate’s program enough.
    A friend recommeded her to me when i was feeling constantly drained and exhausted.
    I had tried everything and nothing had worked so i was sceptical but was willing to give anything a go.

    I have learnt so much and more importantly i now have the energy to do things with my girls that i never had before.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

  4. pete says:

    i battled with my weight ever since i completed my cancer treatment 10 years ago and never being a big eater or drinker i was confused to say the least.
    But since i started working with kate 3 years ago everything has changed and i am pleased to say i have sustained my inch loss ( 3 whole trouser sizes) for the last 2 and half years and despite being 50 this year and still working 60h weeks i have tons of energy.

    i encourage anybody to just give it a go.

  5. Suzi says:

    kates personal story and how her own and her mums health had improved so dramaticly really gave me the hope i needed and i started to see there was light at the end of the tunnel having my own cancer and crohns demons to contend with.

    as i worked through the content i got a number of arr haa moments where things really started to fall into place.

    improvements were slow to start with for me however my husband felt like a new man after a month saying he had the energy of a 30 yr old. not bad at 61

    the program is so easy to follow anybody can do it if they really want to make a change for the better.
    and as kate says it is for all the family. after suffering so greatly with my own health i encourage all my family and friends to value and cherish their health and protect it every waking day. and I’m happy to say i am slowly converting them to my way of thinking.

    im 60 now and thanks to finding this wonderful program i feel i can now look forward to seeing my grandchildren grow up and that for me is priceless.

    i would also like to point out kate support is worth it’s weight in gold, even though i am sure she is very busy she always responds to my emails if ever i need reassured on anything.

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